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Be authentic, express yourself powerfully and have impact whenever you communicate to one or to many.

The next Leader's Voice® open programmes are at Kore Studios in London on 11th - 12th March and 15th - 16th April 2020. Please contact Laura Taylor to book your place: [email protected]

leader's voice

Leader’s Voice® is designed to bring individuals to a more complete and authentic expression of themselves as they go about the business of leadership i.e. “creating futures that do not yet exist”. The process touches on the entire individual exploring their values, emotions and intellect, their physical presence and sense of self, often confronting the past as they do so, to enable a more powerful present.

“Born” in Abbey Road Studios in London, Leader’s Voice® has built strong relationships with Kore Studios in West London, Castlesound Studios in Edinburgh and Sound & Motion Studios in Johannesburg. The programme takes place in professional sound studios to assure a unique and quality environment for working with voice – so Leader’s Voice® can take place in most cities around the world. Professional quality mobile studio equipment is also available to facilitate both specific needs as well as one-to-one interventions in a wide variety of locations.

What do participants get from Leader’s Voice®?

  • A fundamental shift in the power of their communication: their words clearly reflect their vision and values
  • Increased self-awareness - particularly of the personal barriers that place limits on their “presence”- delivered through an actual experience of overcoming those barriers
  • A dramatic change in how they and others hear their communication
  • A newly found sense of what is positively memorable about them as individuals

How does it work?

The programme uses a combination of high quality audio recording and playback, feedback, active individual coaching, small group work and physical exercises. Participants bring a piece of writing that has particular resonance for them and also the basic points of a work-related message they are planning to give.

Work on both pieces is interwoven with a range of content elements over 2 days, enabling participants to work towards expressing themselves with purpose, intent and power.

Delivery options

Leader’s Voice® can be delivered to individuals and groups in several ways:

  • Development for individual leaders on an open programme with 3-6 participants from a variety of organisations
  • In-house programme for 3-6 leaders from the same organisation
  • Executive or intact business team development programme
  • Larger group intervention for up to 15 people with project studio equipment
  • Tailored programmes for particular groups e.g. women in leadership and high potential staff
  • One-to-one intervention for individuals with specific agendas

What people say

“This is real personal development; much, much more than skill building”

“The impact of Leader’s Voice for me personally was profound. It helped to strip away issues that were holding me back. It helped me to identify my purpose and opened up the scope of what I can achieve and deliver our business”

“Boundaries are only those that we put on ourselves. When we are truly authentic and fully expressed the possibilities grow exponentially”

“Leader’s Voice is a transformational journey”

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